Yellow three-layer insulated wire high temperature withstand voltage UL certification

Short Description:

1.Insulation protection, insulation high voltage, no need for insulation tape insulation compartment

2.The thickness of the insulating layer can be flexibly adjusted according to customer requirements, and the characteristics remain unchanged

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Conductor outer diameter detection

For the measurement of the outer diameter of the conductor, a measuring device with an accuracy of 1/1000mm, such as a laser outer diameter tester, shall be used. The insulation layer shall be removed in a way that does not damage the conductor properly. The conductor diameter shall be measured in the same way as the outer diameter of the finished product, and the average value shall be the outer diameter of the conductor

Insulation Thickness Detection

It is represented by 1/2 of the difference between the outer diameter of the finished product and the diameter of the conductor, but its thickness should be evenly coated on the conductor

Conductor Resistance Detection

Take a sample with a length of 1m, and use the following method to measure the resistance: use a double bridge or a potentiometer to measure the resistance at a constant temperature within the range of 5C ~ 35C, and the measurement of the resistance must not make the measurement current affect the determination The results are affected, the measured value is converted to the value of one kilometer at 20C by formula 1

Product information

1.Product name: Yellow direct soldering type three-layer insulated wire

2.Model:Three-layer single insulated wire/three-layer multi-strand insulated wire

3.Color: YellowThe product color is yellow by default, and the color can be customized according to customer needs)

4.Insulation material: PET+PET+PA

5.Conductor material:Single-core bare copper, enameled wire, tinned wire   (three-layer single insulated wire) Multi-core enameled wire or tinned wire  (three-layer multi-strand insulated wire)

6.Dielectric strength:6KV/5mA/1min

7.Insulation Thickness:0.09-0.1mm(three layers of insulation, each layer thickness0.03-0.035mm) (single) 0.1mm (thickness of each layer of three-layer insulation: 0.03-0.035mm) (multiple strands)

8.Advantages: The insulation strength is high, and any two layers can withstand the safe voltage of AC 2000V, and the current density is large. Can reduce the weight and volume of the transformer

9.Heat-resistant temperature and voltage: 155℃(Class F)

10.Application field:Widely used in adapter power transformer, magnetic ring Computer power supply, mobile phone charger

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