Red three-layer insulated wire factory custom processing

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This product has stable performance and is suitable for high temperature environment equipment

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Application standard

(1) UL 2353 specific transformer winding wire
(2) UL 1950 Safety Standard for Information Technology Equipment
(3) KS C 3006 Porcelain clad copper core wire and porcelain clad aluminum core wire test method
(4) CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO.1-98 audio, video and similar electronic equipment
(5) CSA Std C22.2 NO.66-1988 specific transformer
(6) CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO.223-M9 ultra-low voltage output
(7) CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO.60950-00 Safety information technology equipment

Product Description

Triple-layer insulated wire is a high-performance insulated wire with three layers of insulation. The first layer of polyamide film is several microns thick and can withstand 3KV pulse high voltage. The second layer is spray paint coating with high insulation. It is a glass fiber layer, transparent color, the total thickness is only 20-100um, high dielectric strength, any two layers can withstand a safe voltage of 3000V, and the current density is high.This triple insulated wire is also particularly suitable for winding miniaturization or high-frequency transformers in high-efficiency turn-on power supplies

Finished product outer diameter inspection

The measurement of the outer diameter of the finished product requires the use of a measuring device with an accuracy of 1/1000mm, such as: a laser outer diameter tester, etc. The measurement of the outer diameter of the finished product adopts the following method: cut off a sample with a length of about 15cm, and place it on a surface perpendicular to the sample. Above, measure the diameter at three points at almost equiangular intervals, and use the average of these measured values to represent the outer diameter of the finished product

Product information

1.Product name: Red triple insulated wire

2.Model:Three-layer single insulated wire/three-layer multi-strand insulated wire

3.Color :red(The default color is yellow, which can be customized)

4.Insulation material:PET+PET+PA

5.Conductor material:Single-core bare copper, enameled wire, tinned wire   (three-layer single insulated wire) Multi-core enameled wire or tinned wire (three-layer multi-strand insulated wire)

6.Insulation strength: 6KV/5mA/1min

7.Insulation Thickness:0.09-0.1mm(three layers of insulation, each layer thickness0.03-0.035mm) (single) 0.1mm (thickness of each layer of three-layer insulation: 0.03-0.035mm) (multiple strands)

8.Advantages:High dielectric strength, any two layers can accept AC 6000V safe voltage, high current density

9.Heat-resistant temperature and voltage:130℃(Class B)~155℃Class F)

10.Application field:Widely used in adapter power transformer, magnetic ring Computer power supply, mobile phone charger


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