Green triple insulated wire manufacturer for transformer

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1. With UL, ISO, CQC and other product certification certificates

2Suitable for winding wires for special transformers, triple insulated wire is a reinforced insulated wire

3. Triple-layer insulated wire has excellent mechanical strength and toughness, excellent insulated wire and lubricity

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Soldering Method

MIW-F three-layer insulated wire can be welded directly without peeling off the insulation layer, but since the insulation material is made of thermoplastic resin material, the insulation layer not immersed in the tin bath will melt or deform due to heat conduction, which will reduce the insulation performance.

The resin melting point of MIW-F three-layer insulated wire is 260C~280C, and the soldering temperature needs to reach between 440C~480C

Complete specifications

Our product specifications: 0.1mm-1.0mm wire diameter, can customize the wire diameter according to customer requirements, and can also customize three-layer insulated wire with special insulation thickness, but the withstand voltage performance is still good. It is also possible to produce yellow, pink, black and other colored three-layer insulated wires according to customer requirements.

Comply with UL-2353 and VDE IEC60950/ 61558 safety requirements.

Comply with EU ROHS2.0, HF and REACH environmental protection requirements.

Three-layer insulated wire can be welded directly or stripped and welded

Product information

1. Product name:  Green triple insulated wire

2. Model: Three-layer single insulated wire/three-layer multi-strand insulated wire

3. Color: green (Can be customized)

4. Insulation material:  PET+PET+PA

5. Conductor material: Single-core bare copper, enameled wire, tinned wire   (three-layer single insulated wire) Multi-core enameled wire or tinned wire (three-layer multi-strand insulated wire)

6. Insulation strength: 6KV/5mA/1min

7.Insulation Thickness: 0.09-0.1mm(three layers of insulation, each layer thickness0.03-0.035mm) (single); 0.1mm (thickness of each layer of three-layer insulation: 0.03-0.035mm) (multiple strands)

8. Advantages:  Three layers of insulation protection, no pinhole phenomenon

9. Heat-resistant temperature and voltage: 130℃(CLASS B)

10. Application field: Widely used in adapter power transformer, magnetic ring; Computer power supply, mobile phone charger

Green triple insulated wire manufacturer for transformer
Green triple insulated wire manufacturer for transformer2

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