Stable power transformer with heat-resistant and compressive performance, F-grade black direct welding self-adhesive coil, customizable

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The utility model has the characteristics of convenient use, reducing the volume of transformer winding, reducing labor hours and processing procedures, and short soldering time, greatly reducing defect rates

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F-grade direct welding self-adhesive coil

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F-grade direct welding self-adhesive coil


  1. It has three layers of insulation. Completely isolate the primary and secondary line groups in the transformer
  2. Can significantly reduce the volume and weight of transformers
  3. Due to the reduction in coil distance, the efficiency of the transformer can be significantly improved
  4. Can be directly wound on enameled wire, eliminating materials such as interlayer insulation tape, barrier barriers, and insulation sleeves
  5. It can be directly welded without the need for peeling before welding
  6. Can withstand high-speed winding of automatic coupon machines
  7. Has heat resistance levels B (130 ) and F (155 )
  8. The self-adhesive layer has been added to the outer skin of the self-adhesive system, which eliminates the need for transformer spools and makes the transformer smaller and more compact
  9. The stranded wire system (LITZ) has high frequency impedance capability, which can greatly reduce the power loss caused by skin effect and proximity effect, and is suitable for high-frequency transformers

Make transformers more miniaturized and significantly save costs

If three layers of insulation wire are used to construct the transformer. Insulation materials such as interlayer insulation strips, barrier barriers, and insulation sleeves can be eliminated. Due to simplified production processes and reduced material costs, production costs can be significantly reduced

Three layer insulated wire is a high-performance insulated wire that has three insulation layers, with a core wire in the middle. The first layer is a golden polyamine film with a thickness of several micrometers, which can withstand 3KV pulse high voltage. The second layer is a high insulation paint coating, and the third layer is a transparent glass fiber layer. The total thickness of the insulation layer is only 20-100um, which has the advantage of high insulation strength, Can withstand a safe voltage of 3000V AC between any two layers, with high current density


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