High pressure and wear resistance can be customized high-frequency transformer F-class yellow direct welding self-adhesive coil high-power power supply

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Triple Insulated Wire (Triple Insulated Wire), also known as triple insulated wire, is a new high-performance insulated wire developed internationally in recent years. This type of wire has three layers of insulation with a core wire in the middle. The first layer is a golden polyamide film, which is called “golden film” abroad, and its thickness is several microns.

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product name:F grade yellow (color can be customized) direct welding self-adhesive coil

product name:F grade yellow (color can be customized) direct welding self-adhesive coil

Three-layer insulated wire is a high-performance insulated wire. This wire has three insulating layers, the middle is the core wire, and the first layer is a golden yellow polyamide film. Its thickness is several microns, but it can withstand 3KV pulses. High voltage, the second layer is a highly insulating paint coating, the third layer is a transparent glass fiber layer, the total thickness of the insulating layer is only 20-100um, the advantage is that the insulation strength is high, and any two layers can withstand AC 3000V safety voltage, high current density.

Triple-insulated wire has the following characteristics:

1. High impact strength.

2. Good weather resistance.

3. Good chemical environment.

4. Excellent wear resistance and surface slip characteristics.

5. The water absorption is small, so the dimensional stability is good.

6. The specific gravity is the smallest among commercially available polyamides.

7. Excellent impact strength at low temperature.

8. Good gas barrier properties: (1) Small specific gravity, low water absorption rate, and small change in physical properties after water absorption. (2) Wide molding temperature range, stable product size, high low-temperature impact strength, and good weather resistance. (3) Excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance, resistance to grease, gasoline, fuel oil, various liquids, metal salt solutions, etc. (4) Good self-lubrication, excellent wear resistance, and excellent fatigue resistance. (5) Excellent processing performance as other materials developed by other high-performance polymer divisions.

The structure of the three-layer insulated wire is divided into three types:

standard type, self-adhesive type, and twisted wire type. The structure is shown in Figure 1. (a) in Figure 1 is the standard structure. The material of the insulating layer can be composed of soldered polyester heat-resistant resin and polyamide resin, which has good electrical properties. (b) in Figure 1 is a self-adhesive structure, which adds a self-adhesive layer on the outside of the standard type, and is suitable for a skeleton without coils. (c) in Figure 1 is a twisted wire structure, and its wires use multi-strand glued wires with three insulating layers on the outside, which is suitable for high-frequency fields


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