Network transformer Direct welding polyurethane 180 grade direct welding FIW enamelled wire power transformer can be customized

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Network transformer Direct welding polyurethane 180 grade direct welding FIW enamelled wire power transformer can be customized


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Features of FIW line products

Type of insulating layer: direct welding polyurethane insulated wire;
Heat resistance grade: Grade 180 (Grade 155 and 130 can also be selected according to customer requirements)
Specification range: 0.050mm ~ 0.600mm
Film thickness: different film thickness grades are customized according to the customer's pressure resistance requirements: FIW3~FIW9
Color customization: up to 6 colors
FIW wire with self-adhesive layer can be made, and the FIW wire can be further processed, such as multi strand strand and two parallel strands
Withstand voltage level: over 15KV breakdown voltage: 6000V/1min OK
Direct solderability: it can be directly soldered, and the soldering time is short. The burn back distance after soldering at 390 ℃ for 3-4S is ≤ 1.00 mm,
The bushing is not required for making the transformer;
With excellent abrasion resistance and film flexibility, it is suitable for high-speed automatic winding machine operation and improves processing efficiency
The winding coil is miniaturized and thin

Excellent concentricity


(Cut 3~125px copper wire as shown in the figure below for sectioning, and measure it under the metallographic microscope (200X).)

Product application field

Class I: network transformer

It is mainly used in: smart meters, network transformers with high requirements, such as lightning protection products, outdoor wireless transmission cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles, and military products.

This type of product structure is mainly composed of four colors of wire (generally gold, red, blue, green) twisted with a specific number of sections, threaded to the magnetic ring according to a specific number of turns, and finally assembled into the rubber shell

Class II: power transformer

It is mainly used to replace the existing three layer insulated wire, such as mobile phone charger (as shown in the figure below), power supply (as shown in the figure below) and other transformers.

This kind of products are mostly single or double wires wound on the skeleton instead of transformers wound with ordinary insulating wires. Because the withstand voltage of ordinary wires cannot meet the product requirements, such transformers are often poured and wound with insulating glue or insulating tape. Using FIW wires can simplify the production process, improve efficiency and reduce costs


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