High temperature and pressure resistance can be customized to improve production efficiency. F-grade gray Teflon self-adhesive coil power transformer

Short Description:

Self adhesive coils are mainly coil products made from self adhesive insulating wire that can be bonded and formed after heating or solvent treatment。Professional design/research and development/production of multiple coil models available for production

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MIW-F grade Teflon self-adhesive coil

Product name: MIW-F grade Teflon self-adhesive coil

Coil material:Self adhesive gray Teflon insulated wire MIW-F 4UEW

Winding method:

1.28TS (9.5+8+9.5) outside the wire cake, without cutting in the middle, with two layers of single cake

  1. The coil shall be free from accumulation, the inner circle of the wire cake shall be free from scratches or broken skin, and the wire cake shall not be loose, arranged neatly, and evenly covered throughout the entire layer

Electrical characteristics:

Test items 1:Lap count test:28TS

Test items 2:High voltage testing:AC 4000V /5mA/ 3S

Test items 3:DCR 63mΩ max(20℃)

Self adhesive coils are mainly coil products made from self adhesive insulating wire that can be bonded and formed after heating or solvent treatment

The product color, single conductor specification, paint film thickness, and pressure resistance level can be customized according to needs. For more information, please contact us for a customized solution

Application fields of self-adhesive coils:

The self-adhesive coil is favored by the market because it can simplify the coil forming process, improve the work efficiency, save energy, improve environmental pollution, and is conducive to industrial production, bringing significant social and economic benefits. It is widely used in the manufacturing of various complex or frameless electromagnetic coils, high-power power supplies, wireless charging modules, electric toothbrush, button cell, 5G equipment, photovoltaic equipment, new energy fields, common mode filters Multi frequency transformers, impedance transformers, balanced and unbalanced conversion transformers, suppression of EMI noise from electronic devices, USB lines for personal computers and peripheral devices, LCD display panels, low-voltage differential signals, car remote control keys, etc

Advantages of Huaying Electronics in Producing Coils:

As a senior domestic insulation wire manufacturer, Huaying Electronics has been deeply involved in the field of insulation wires for many years, with rich experience accumulation and a large number of technical patent certifications. When expanding the field of self-adhesive coils, it has advantages that other companies that produce coils alone cannot compare. In addition to providing stable and reliable products, Huaying Electronics also has comprehensive after-sales service, which can provide technical support in the development stage of new products and cooperate with customers to design more competitive products


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