Wireless charging equipment, temperature and voltage resistance, Class F acetone self-adhesive wire wrapped coil, high-frequency transformer

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The electromagnetic wire formed after coating one or two layers of natural fiber or chemical fiber on the surface of the enameled strand, including polyester silk covered wire, nylon silk covered wire, self-adhesive silk covered wire (acetone bonding, hot air bonding)

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F-grade acetone self-adhesive wire wrapped coil

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F-grade acetone self-adhesive wire wrapped coil


Application fields of self-adhesive coils

The self-adhesive coil can simplify the coil forming process, improve work efficiency, save energy, improve environmental pollution, and the insulated wire is conducive to industrial production, bringing significant social and economic benefits, so it is highly favored by the market and widely used in the manufacturing of various complex or frameless electromagnetic coils, high-power power supply, wireless charging module, electric toothbrush, button cell, 5G equipment, photovoltaic equipment, new energy field, common mode filter Multi frequency transformers, impedance transformers, balanced and unbalanced conversion transformers, suppression of EMI noise from electronic devices, USB lines for personal computers and peripheral devices, LCD display panels, low-voltage differential signals, car remote control keys, etc.


Features and advantages:

  1. Good high-frequency resistance
  2. When winding, the coils are arranged neatly and the Q value is high
  3. Compared to enameled stranded wire, due to the protection of wires, it reduces wire damage during winding and has better electrical performance
  4. Self adhesive silk wrap has high adhesion, fast molding, and is environmentally friendly and harmless (hot air bonding type)
  5. Good direct soldering performance with minimal solder residue
  6. Customized production can be carried out according to customer requirements (wire diameter, structure, etc.)


In addition to performance of litz wire, insulation performance and process ability can be improved with external wrapping of polyester rayon to improve Q value of the product.


Silk wrapped wire is made by wrapping polyester rayon around a single strand or stranded wire. For coils operating at high frequencies or temperatures, it can provide isolation of stray capacitance and improve insulation characteristics, enhancing product stability. Widely used for width coils, high-frequency coils, antenna coils, and anti current coil sleeves.


Advantages of Huaying Electronics in Producing Coils

As a senior domestic insulation wire manufacturer, Huaying Electronics has been deeply engaged in the field of insulation wires for many years, with rich experience accumulation and a large number of technical patent certifications. When expanding the field of self-adhesive coils, it has advantages that other companies that produce coils alone cannot compare. In addition to providing stable and reliable products, Huaying Electronics also has comprehensive after-sales service, which can provide technical support during the new product development stage and cooperate with customers to design more competitive products.


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