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Triple insulated wire (Triple insulated wire), also known as triple insulated wire, is a high-performance insulated wire newly developed in the world in recent years. This wire has three insulating layers, and the middle is a core wire. The first layer is a golden polyamide film, which is called “golden film” in foreign countries. Its thickness is several microns, but it can withstand 1kV pulse high voltage; the second layer is a highly insulating paint coating; The third layer (the outermost layer) is a transparent fiberglass layer.

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Class F self-adhesive three-layer insulated coil

product name:Class F self-adhesive three-layer insulated coil

The total thickness of the insulating layer is only 20-100. Three-layer insulated wire is suitable for cutting-edge technology and national defense fields, making micro-motor windings and high-frequency transformer windings for miniaturized switching power supplies. Its advantages are high insulation strength (any two-layer river can withstand a safe voltage of 3000V AC), no need to add barrier layers to ensure safe margins, and no need to wind insulating tape layers between stages: high current density. The volume of the high-frequency transformer wound with it can be reduced by half compared with that wound with enameled wire. The texture of the three-layer insulated wire is tough, and it needs to be heated to 200 ~ 300°C to soften and wind. After the winding is completed, the coil can be automatically formed after being cooled.

If triple insulated wire is used to build a transformer. Insulating materials such as interlayer insulating tapes, barrier grids and insulating sleeves can be omitted. Due to the simplification of the production process and the reduction of the material cost, the production cost can be greatly savedFor example, if a general transformer with an output power of 20W is constructed with three-layer insulated wire, the volume of the transformer can be reduced by about 50%, and the weight can also be reduced by about 40%.


  1. Has three layers of insulation. Completely isolate the primary and secondary wire sets in the transformer.
  2. The volume and weight of the transformer can be greatly reduced.
  3. Due to the reduced distance between the coils, the efficiency of the transformer can be significantly increased.
  4. The wire can be wound directly on the enameled wire, saving materials such as interlayer insulating tape, barrier grid and insulating sleeve.
  5. It can be welded directly without peeling the skin before welding.
  6. It can withstand the high-speed winding of automatic winding machines.
  7. It has heat resistance class B (130°C) and F (155°C).
  8. A self-adhesive layer has been added to the outer skin of the self-adhesive system, which can save the use of transformer bobbins and make the transformer smaller.
  9. The twisted wire system (LITZ) has high-frequency impedance capability, which can greatly reduce the power loss caused by the skin-zero effect and proximity effect, and is suitable for high-frequency transformers

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