What is high temperature stranded square conductor

The high temperature stranded square conductor is a kind of high temperature insulated wire independently developed by our company. Its appearance is made of high temperature insulating tape. The wire core is made of multiple enamelled copper wires. Why do we choose to do it in the form of square pressing? We all know that the insulated wire will generate a lot of heat when working, which is what we call the Q value. Because of this, we should try our best to dissipate heat and increase its surface area duringdesign    

Process capability

Production range: 0.10 * 50p~0.10 * 2000P, 0.05 * 50P~0.05 * 3000P

Finished outer diameter range: 0.1~8mm (width and thickness can be adjusted according to customer requirements)

Insulation strength: 4KV/5MA

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Product characteristics

1. Make the coil slot full rate high, and pass more current to avoid overheating of electronic products, which is more suitable for the demand of high current load.

2. Under the same cross-sectional area, the square wire has a larger surface area than the round wire, which greatly improves the skin effect, reduces the loss of high-frequency current, and has good heat dissipation performance

3. Under the same conditions, the shape line occupies less space than the round line, making the production volume smaller.

Product advantages

1. Square line size is more precise

2. Radiation resistance, good temperature resistance, temperature class up to 220.

3. It can produce self-adhesive, line cake products of various specifications.

4. Heat resistance temperature and voltage: 180 ℃ (Class H)

5. Small size, large power, thin thickness or high temperature resistance


Applicable to transformers for charging posts, optical storage, automotive electronics, special medical instruments and other products

Color: The color of the product is available in red, blue, black and yellow, and can also be customized according to customer needs

Post time: Dec-14-2022