Huaying-Youba Brand Introduction


Huaying-Youba is an industrial-grade insulated wire brand founded in China under Huizhou Huaying Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., and mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacture, and sales of Youba brand insulated wire.


Huaying-Youba was founded in 2016. Brand products include: three-layer insulated wire, Teflon insulated wire, coated insulated wire, self-bonding wire/wire cake, low-loss insulated wire self-adhesive wire, high-temperature stranded square wire and other series of product development, manufacture and sales. With the core technology and capabilities covering a full range of products, Huaying-Youba is committed to providing products with both high quality and safety for the magnetic components industry.

Huaying-Youba has been engaging in one thing for ten years, actively devoted to the systematic research and development of the insulated wire industry and cooperated with the Shenzhen Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and served many large enterprises such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and BYD with a number of important accomplishments. At the same time, Huaying-Youba is guided by market demands, relying on science and technology, innovation and research, comprehensively promote the further development of collaborative magnetic components.

Brand products and application fields


Three-layer insulated wire: suitable for communication, transformer insulated wire and magnetic components.

Teflon insulated wire: due to its high temperature resistance and high insulation, it is widely used in adapter power transformer, magnetic ring, computer power supply, mobile phone charger.

Coated insulated wire: Due to its high temperature resistance and high insulation, it is widely used in high-frequency transformers, high-power transformers and magnetic rings.

Self-adhesive wire/wire cake: applicable to wireless charger coil, car charger and other products.

Low-loss insulated wire/self-adhesive wire: applicable to switch-type power transformer.

High-temperature twisted square wire: suitable for transformers of charging piles, optical storage, automotive electronics, special medical instruments and other products.

Post time: Feb-06-2023