Huaying Group Annual Meeting Ceremony | Working Together to Create the Future

New journey · new leap

In the past year

Let’s go hand in hand

Today we are together

Summarize the past and look forward to the future

Every meeting will be precious in life
Memory is similar year by year, and people are different year by year
A wonderful annual banquet
Grandly held

Annual meeting

Share the joy and achievements of the past year
I also wish the new year a bright future

Message from leaders

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Message from the director Mr. Changjiang Wenquan

In 2023, the annual meeting of the company arrived as scheduled, and everyone gathered together to count every bit of hard work in the past year. For the work summary of the last year, and looking forward to the vigorous blueprint of the company’s future development, we also felt the weight of responsibility in our hearts.
An excellent enterprise needs an excellent team. As a member of this team, it is incumbent on you to contribute to the growth of this team. In 2023, I will continue to work with you to make progress and contribute to the development of the company.

Huaying Electronics

Message from Ms. Wang Linbo, General Manager

The new year and new journey, in the grand ceremony of the annual meeting, comprehensively summarized the company’s work achievements and situation in 2022, and planned the company’s development goals in 2023, and put forward the work thought of “firm confidence, invigorating spirit, solid hard work, unity of entrepreneurial achievements, and strict management to increase benefits”. In the new year, we should continue to accumulate strength and consolidate the foundation, and always put technical innovation, performance growth, and collectivization construction through the whole process of the company’s development, Make solid achievements, evaluate the situation and expand the market, and promote the high-quality development of the company. Give full play to all our wisdom and energy, dedicate all our passion and talent, and compose a new chapter of the company and personal development!


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  Dance – Shengshi Huazhang                                                Performances – parody shows

Insulated wire             Insulated wire

 Dance – Shengshi Huazhang                                                   Performance — imitation show

     The lively and happy annual meeting is naturally accompanied by exciting and interesting programs. The youthful dance, the melodious singing… in the talent performance and several rounds of raffle and game links, the annual conference has been pushed to another climax.

Game Session

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 Rock-paper-scissors                                                               Rooster lays eggs

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Funny pants

Lucky Draw 

Huaying Electronics

What is everyone most looking forward to at an annual meeting?
It must be a raffle!
Round after round of red envelope drawing,
Each person has a 100% winning rate.
Proudness, surprise, excitement, excitement,
The scene was full of enthusiasm,
The cheers are ongoing!

Huaying Electronics          Huaying Electronics

Huaying Electronics           Huaying Electronics

Annual award ceremony


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 Best Engagement Award                                                                     Growth Star Award

Insulated wire             Insulated wire

 Best Response Assistance Award                                                   Best Quality Benchmark Award

Insulated wire             Insulated wire

  Annual Sincere Service Award                                                Brave and progressive Award

Insulated wire             Insulated wire

Outstanding potential Award                                                   Crown Sale Award

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  Skill Encyclopedia Award                                                Star of dedication

Insulated wire             Insulated wire

Best team cooperation potential Award                                               President nomination Award

Insulated wire             Insulated wire

Strategic Partner Award                                                           Best BOSS Award

Military warrants issued


Marketing Center: E-commerce Department, Domestic Sales Department, International Sales Department, Commerce Department
R&D center: R&D department, engineering department, strategic procurement department, process engineering department
Material Center: Planning Department, Procurement Execution Department, Warehousing Department
Production center: production 1, production 2, production 3, 4 production, 5 production
Quality center: QE, QC
Management Center: Finance Department, Personnel Administration Department, System Section

6C0A5203_看图王             6C0A5215_看图王

January&February birthday party


Birthday Wishes:
Wang Zhen · Xie Yupeng · Li Yong
Wang Xiaofei · Tang Shuping · Hu Shuai
Xia Yi · Xu Rongjuan · Chen Weiwei
Lin Yin · Chen Xiaofei · He Yubing
Smooth sailing in career and family! Great prospects!
Good luck! Happiness!

6C0A5578             6C0A5581_看图王(1)

Family appreciation meeting


Thanks to the care and cultivation of Huaying Group along the way, thank Huaying Group for giving us a world to show ourselves, transform gratitude into concrete actions of loyal enterprises, and wait for the home we live with the mentality of waiting for the home.


Happy times will always be remembered
The day of reunion especially touches you
Today we sing and laugh, we imagine the future
Let’s remember today, let’s create tomorrow

Post time: Feb-11-2023