Do you know what Teflon insulated wire is

Today we will discuss the difference between three-layer insulation and enamelled wire. These two wires are the most basic and widely used in the insulated wire industry. Let's get to know the three-layer insulation wire and enamelled wire

What is a triple insulated wire?

Triple Insulated Wire, also known as triple insulated wire, is a kind of high-performance insulated wire newly developed internationally in recent years. In the middle is conductor, also called core wire. Generally, bare copper is used as the material. The first layer is golden polyamide film, which is called "gold film" abroad. Its thickness is several microns, but it can withstand 3KV pulse high voltage. The second layer is high insulating paint coating, and the third layer is transparent glass fiber layer and other materials

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What is enamelled wire?

Enamelled wire is a main type of winding wire, which is composed of conductor and insulating layer. The bare wire is annealed and softened, then painted and baked for many times. It is a kind of copper wire coated with thin insulating layer. Enamelled wire paint can be used for bare copper wire of various wire diameters. It has high mechanical strength, resistance to Freon refrigerant, good compatibility with impregnating paint, and can meet the requirements of heat resistance, impact resistance, oil resistance, etc

Summary of differences:


The structure of the three-layer insulated wire is: bare copper conductor + polyether gel + high insulating paint layer + transparent glass fiber layer

The structure of the enameled wire is:

bare copper conductor + thin insulating layer


The general enameled wire withstand voltage is: 1st grade: 1000-2000V; 2nd grade: 1900-3800V. The withstand voltage of the enameled wire is related to the specifications and the grade of the paint film.

Any two layers of the insulation layer of the three-layer insulated wire can withstand the safe voltage of 3000V AC.

Process flow:

The process flow of enameled wire is as follows:

Pay-off→annealing→painting→baking→cooling→lubrication→winding up

The process flow of triple insulated wire is as follows:

Pay-off→decontamination→preheating→PET extrusion molding 1→cooling 1→PET extrusion molding 2→cooling 2→PA extrusion molding→cooling 3→infrared diameter measurement→drawing→wire storage→pressure test→reeling

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